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Help Canadian Wild Horses

Zoocheck is taking action to help the population of wild horses in Alberta and they need your help. Please take a moment of time to read this amazing article that educates us on wild horses in Canada. We encourage you to send a letter to Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney and the Alberta Minister of Environment and Parks...

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Giving back to the fans while helping Willows.

Everyone who makes a $25 donation to Willows will received a $50 value Paul Rodgers or Bad Company gift. Gift packages will vary. Please give us your mailing address and t-shirt size, when making your donation through paypal. Starts September 16 through to Monday September 30. http://www.willowsanimals.com/SupportUs.htm We thank you and the animals thank you.

Bad Company: Swan Song Years Now Available

BAD COMPANY: THE SWAN SONG YEARS is out today!  The Swan Song Years six-disc boxed set includes recently re-mastered versions of every Bad Company studio album released on the Swan Song record label between 1974 and 1982.  Get your copy here: https://Rhino.lnk.to/SwanSong7482

Free Spirit - Paul Rodgers & The Music of Free Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Available Everywhere Now!!

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